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Welcome to Curacao, the tropical paradise in the Caribbean Sea, which is a quite extraordinary part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. If you have always dreamt of a tropical holiday, but thought this wouldn’t be affordable, you have come to the right place. Besides all the important information about this beautiful place offers you the best and most affordable last minute holidays.

Visiting Curacao is simultaneously visiting the largest island of the so-called ABC islands, where the A and B stand for Aruba and Bonaire. This tropical paradise has belonged to the kingdom of the Netherlands for many hundred years, but now enjoys a unique status of a constituent country inside the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 2010. Given the history of Curacao you will notice this island has a very recognisable Dutch feeling to it. is designed to provide you all the practical information you need about Curacao so that you not only know exactly what to expect while being on this island, but also know how to travel here well prepared. We will guide you to the best last minute holiday offers where you will be able to choose between different providers regarding last minute travels and where your flight to Curacao will be included in your stay in a hotel, holiday villa or a Curacao holiday home.

There is a lot to know about Curacao and we are glad to provide you anything you need to know about it. To have a bit of knowledge about matters as the spoken language, transport and currency will always come in handy when planning your holiday. It will never harm you to know on before hand what possibilities Curacao provides in renting a car or how to make your way around the Island with the public transport. We will discuss several cities and the distance between cities, but maybe more important, what kind of activities these cities offer. As there are so many different activities on Curacao you can choose the specific type of holiday you are looking for. For the adventuress and active travellers Curacao offers plenty of exiting activities on curacao like sailing and hiking on Curacao. But if you’re not planning on having a busy holiday and instead are searching for a more laid-back holiday then Curacao is just the place for you. Because of it’s a tropical nature the first thing that might come in mind is diving on Curacao, but playing a game of golf is of course also one of the possibilities. Curacao provides so many different activities that your holiday would be far to short if you were to participate in all of them. If you for example want to visit Curacao for your honeymoon you won’t want to be active all day but simply enjoy each other and the beautiful island itself.

For newly-weds there is also the possibility to book special trips at the tour operators which can be found on this website. You will be offered a special travelling package that besides includes flying to Curacao, contains accommodation in the most luxurious hotels where you will be treated like royalties. If you’re not newly wed but are instead looking for a place to marry on Curacao, this is of course possible, but it does need some preparation on before hand. While being a country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curacao does have different laws concerning marriage so it is not possible to come here and then decide to marry here, you would have to arrange it before you come when planning your last minute Curacao. When visiting Curacao Last minute you will learn about some interesting facts about the colonial history of the Netherlands. Curacao has belonged to the kingdom of the Netherlands for hundreds of years, and although you might receive a negative image about the Dutch in the past because of the colonial takeover, this is simultaneously the reason that Curacao has so much to offer nowadays concerning culture and other possibilities. You can ask for help and guidance anywhere on the island and the people are extremely nice and helpful and will do anything to make your stay on Curacao even more pleasant.

Curacao has become internationally more and more popular through the years and is nowadays not only a place where you will encounter a few Dutch people spending their holiday anymore. People around the whole world seeking for a tropical paradise come to Curacao to enjoy this islands’ beauty and many activities is has to offer, and you will meet people from many different nationalities ranging from north-and south American to European and Asian. Although Curacao is mainly chosen to be the principal residence, it is also an ideal starting point for a journey to discover the other ABC islands or many more islands that are located in the Caribbean Sea. So let yourself be amazed about all the countless different options there are in booking a tropical holiday. Once you arrive on Curacao you will find yourself enjoying the weather and climate, the many of activities you can participate in or just the relaxing environment this island provides. We will guide you to your perfect dream holiday to this tropical paradise where you will have the time of your life enjoying the food, the people and the way of life while you have the opportunity to spend your holiday exactly how you want to, in a very active or a more relaxing manner. It doesn’t matter if you want come here for your honeymoon or just for a well deserved holiday, the island of Curacao offers you any type of holiday you can possibly wish.